A Complete Education

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A Complete Education

Will my child get the complete education they need from Spaulding School of The Arts?


Often private education / schools are perceived as an elitist form of education because they not only meet but rather exceed curriculum standards on a regular base. Spaulding School of The Arts is no exception to this rule. We not only meet curricular requirements but exceed these requirements around every corner.

Your Child's Needs

Our teaching method specializes in meeting your specific child's needs. With our small class sizes we not only individualize each class to the needs of your child but we completely customize the learning experience to suit your child's learning style and cognitive / emotional needs. In essence, we teach the 'whole person' and directly empower them to reach new heights of success. We guarantee your child will perform better under the Spaulding School of The Arts umbrella than any standard school board approach.

Complete High School Diploma

Our high school teaching elements and approaches are inspected by the Ministry of Education thus we are able to grant high school credits leading to the exact same “Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)” as any other high school. However that is only where things begin. At Spaulding School of The Arts we do not only equip your child with a standard OSSD diploma, but we also equip them for life. With our complete learning approaches, collaborative environment and customized learning processes, your child will finish high school with not only the requirements needed for OSSD but a whole lot more. Because we customize our approaches to fulfill the specific needs for each family, we request that you ask one of our administrators and they will be more than happy to communicate exactly how our approaches are best suited to fulfill your family's specific needs. We are here to serve you.

Our Teachers

Our teachers and administrators have been hand selected as they represent some of the best in Spaulding Ontario (and further). They do not view their roles with us as a 'job' but rather as a passion. Your child directly benefits from their passion as they work to “serve you”. At Spaulding School of The Arts, all teachers and administrators keep an ongoing and open communication with you as a parent so that we can best lead your child to the highest heights they can possibly achieve. We successfully embrace the arts while empowering hearts and your confidence in our school will always be well placed.


Thank you for choosing Spaulding School of The Arts.  We look forward to receiving your enrollment request as you join the many other families that have already chosen Spaulding School of The Arts as the location to not only educate but also empower, enlighten, inspire and strengthen. We look forward to serving you.

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A Complete Education
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