All Forms of Learning

Engaging each mind through customized learning for your child

All Forms of Learning

On the most part we can say that there are three main types of learning and every mind leans into primary and secondary positions, much like a right handed person will always try to catch with their right before attempting to catch with their left hand.

The three main types are:

Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.
The present education system relies heavily on visual and auditory, but leaves kinesthetic far behind. It is proven that if you take a class room of 30 students and teach them through traditional means, on average 25% will get A grades, 50% will achieve B and C grades and roughly 25% will receive a mark of D.

Now if you take the same class and teach them in a different manner (experiential for example) without giving them the standard visual and auditory cues, most of the D students will lift to an A grade and many of the A students will fall respectively. Our school will each evenly through all forms of learning, thus adding to the confidence and success of each student. An "Artist's Mind" tends to function more experiential than the assumed cookie-cutter mind, therefore teaching from and "Arts Perspective" will ensure the success of students that at one time would have struggled with learning.  

It just so happens that some of the greatest minds in Math and Science experience their craft through the mind of an artist. Gallileo, for example, was not only talented in math but also in art. Daniel Tammet (a still living autistic genius who can recite Pi to the thousandth decimal place and learn any language in 7 days) experiences numbers in 3 dimensions with color and texture. He uses his creative mind to solve analytical problems, a balanced brand approach to doing work.

Every mind has the above potential even though every mind is not architect in the same way. The Spaulding Method succeeds at leveraging all types of minds and mental development. From grade-school students to advanced high school students, we teach each student how to gain the most out of their minds and how to learn most effectively. 

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