Applied Approaches

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Applied Approaches

It is proven that C students tend to be the future employers of A students in the present school system.  
The reason being: 

A students are gifted at assimilating and repeating volumes of data as presented in a textbook manner. C students require more of an interactive and applied form of learning, which can be a strength.

For example, an A student can pick up a textbook and learn all of the parts of a car to figuratively fix a car in the future, whereas the typical C student would much rather have a car, break it and while fixing it learn why and how the car functions. Both are valid approaches to learning. However, because the C student gains a larger understanding of the direct interconnections of the car, they tend to be better suited to creatively solving problems that are not listed in the text book. It is these interconnected thinkers that draw connections in business and collaborative management while employing the A students to handle the massive amounts of data crunching needed for success.

The Spaulding Method teaches all forms of learning through an applied fashion while learning the fact. This ensures all learning types are supported as well as draws relevance to what each student is learning.  

A Real World Example:

Before learning trigonometry in the Spaulding Method, the class may launch a bottle rocket in the air and the teacher will state that by the end of this term each member of the class will be able to tell where the rocket will land within about 5 feet (given a controlled environment) by using sin, cos and tan. Then the class will start to learn trig from an applied fashion as they work to solve that problem.
Relevance is everything in regard to long-term understanding and retention. Through this approach the average C student will naturally become A student and A students will also maintain their grades as we will apply traditional teaching approaches for that already celebrated student.

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