Art Breeds Confidence and Balances The mind

Achieving more than you knew you could

Art Breeds Confidence and Balances The mind

Self confidence through artistic expression

 “My life would not have been half as successful had I not been exposed to the arts.”  These words, and words just like them have been spoken by countess leaders in our community. The passion for the arts is what has foundationally made the Spaulding School of The Arts such a success.

Performance arts empowers participants to be comfortable in front of hundreds, if not thousands. These experiences lead to great confidence in professional careers as well as community leadership, family leadership and personal life development.

Fine arts exposure empowers students to translate emotion to visual expressions.  The display of such work builds confidence in many ways.  Children for example are most proud when their art is displayed in the refrigerator.  As we grow, not much changes in that regard. 

Dance arts allows causes the development of concepts and emotions to be expressed kinetically.  This form of intelligence often impacts every area of a person’s life and impacts their ability to think laterally as well as problem solve in highly creative ways. 

Musical arts builds the ability to improvise and innovate in “real time”.  The resulting endorphin release impacts not only the musician, but also the audience.  That is in part what makes music so powerful. The public acclaim experience from strong musical performances have been proven to positively influence the lives of those that receive it.

Literary art crafts a student’s ability to think non-linear or even divergent their thinking. For example: Some of histories greatest celebrated poets used language an phrases in unexpected ways.  Catching the emotional and literal heart behind language.  Phrases like “the bleeding sun” or “slumber’s chains”. Both give imageries that are strong but not directly founded in the direct meaning of the words.  Our son does not bleed nor does sleep come with a chain or shackle we affix to ourselves. 
This form of training expands he minds operation and expression. 

In general, art allows us to express ourselves in ways the our natural language can not. With a simple stroke of a brush or expression of a musical note, one can speak from the heart, mind and even soul. Doing so helps balance one's emotional journey and leads to better communication skills, improved innovative thinking as well as new confidence in our assertiveness.

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