Barrie Arts Lessons

Barrie Arts Lessons

lessons in Midland Penetang Ontario

Presently the largest facility for the Spaulding School of Arts.  Barrie acts as the central hub of all Arts Programs

Barrie has nurtured the growth of The Spaulding School of Arts for more than 15 years.  Our reputation is one of the oldest and most established in Simcoe County and we thank you for our continued success.

We strive for excellence amidst great fun with every lesson we provide and you will see from our testimonials page why so many students continue learning through our method year after year. 

We simply could not have asked for a better location:
When arriving at 80 Bradford street it is best to park at the side of the building in the free parking spaces provided.  We are in door number 6 (left-most glass entrance) and our office is impossible to miss once you enter.  The studio will be located immediately on your right once you enter.


Street View:

See you at your next lesson!

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