Cross Discipline Training

Experience all areas of artistic expression

Cross Discipline Training

Music art drama dance

Spaulding draws together the best multi-disciplined art teachers to build a new approach to learning art. No more silo art learning

Once an artist always an artist:
For some reason in our culture we have found it is necessary to "silo" the arts. You either attend a Music School or a Dance School etc.

At Spaulding School of The Arts, combines all forms of art into one successful and collaborative space. If a person can learn to express themselves in music, there is no reason why the same individual can not find the same success in painting or poetry.

Spaulding School of The Arts allows a student to infinitely succeed in a given area of study, or generally jump between all areas of art quite successfully until they find their niche. We have attracted some of the best teachers across all disciplines in our region to teach at Spaulding School of The Arts. Now there is no need to enroll in multiple after-school programs in order to give your child the balanced experience in life you so desire as a parent.

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