Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the movement?
There are a number of ways you can join the Spaulding School of Arts movement.  Please fill out any of the many contact forms on our contact page:
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How is Spaulding School of The Arts different from traditional schooling?
From revolutionary teching approaches to training from some of the best educators in our province; Spaulding is changing lives for the better:
Our Method
Why Spaulding

Where is Spaulding located?
Spaulding is located on 125 Dunlop Street West, Downtown Barrie, Ontario.

Who are your teachers
Please see our faculty page:

I have multiple kids, can I get a family discount?
Yes family discount pricing is available. We believe art should be affordable for anyone to experience

Can I afford Spaulding?
For a top-level education experience, Our private schooling pricing is very affordable:

We also have multiple scholarships and financial planning strategies to help make Spaulding School of The Arts affordable for everyone.

What grade levels are provided
Kindergarten to Grade 12

What will happen with the present facility once Spaulding School of The Arts takes over?
Spaulding School of The Arts commits to not only continuing the great legacy of Spaulding Collegiate but also to expanding the reach of arts in our community and world.

Our community has taken great pride in the vision of Spaulding School of The Arts and we are glad that you have decided to partner with us.

Do you have room for international or out of town students
Yes we do!
We have built a billeting service to help you succeed in your migration to Spaulding School of The Arts
Billeting Services
Foreign Students

Why is the community so excited about Spaulding
Feel free to ask any member on our team directly and they would be happy to let you know :)

Our Method
Mission & Vision
Words Of Widsdom
Green Leaf Approach
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