Changing the world

Impacting futures one life at a time

Changing the world

Let's change the lives of our youth together!

We need your help. In order to fulfill the dreams of the many families that have already committed to bringing their children to Spaulding in this coming school year, we will need to raise funds to not only saving for the purchase but also the renovation and rejuvenation of the school.

Will you be able to partner with us?

Would you be able to raise awareness by telling all of your friends? 
Sharing what we are doing in your social network? 
Helping us directly or in-directly to raise funds?

The community will thank you!

Fund Raising:

There are many ways we have been fundraising and we are sure one if not many of our in-motion plans will suit your desires to help. Please read here for more info:
Fund Raising

Also please read:

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Thank you for Partnering with Spaulding School of The Arts!

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