Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Spaulding

Q: Why do you only offer grades 4-6? Will other grades become available?

A: We have been working for months now putting together a comprehensive curriculum with a wide variety of learning opportunities for our Spaulding School of the Arts day school, which is a private school that will hopefully be opening in the Barrie, Ontario area in September 2020. So far we have our curriculum for grades 4 to 6 complete so this program is using the same curriculum and some of the same activities that will be used in the school. If we have a high demand for other grades, we may be able to add them if our curriculum director is able to build the curriculum quickly enough to be able to offer packages for our home learning program. If you are interested in other grades, please email us so we can focus our efforts where there is the highest demand.

Q: It is part way through the month, am I able to sign up now or do I have to wait until next month?

A: We welcome new students any time! Please email us and we will give you a reduced rate so you only have to pay for however many weeks are remaining in the current month.

Q: How much is it to subscribe? How do I pay for my subscription and how many months do I have to subscribe for?

A: Our program is $100 per month for one child (which works out to only $20-$25 per week), then $75 for each additional sibling. Right now, we are able to accept payments by e-transfer. You only need to pay for one month at a time and can stop any time you wish. Payment is due the first Saturday of each month. (Or email for a reduced rate if you are starting part way through the month. (Reduced rate only available for new students.)

Q: What is included in my subscription?

A: Each week new activities will be added to our Google classroom. You will have access to a minimum of 3 math, 3 English, 2 science, 2 art, and 5 STEM activities (we aim to exceed the minimum whenever possible). All activities are based on the Ontario curriculum. STEM activities have educational purposes but may be from areas outside of the Ontario curriculum for the given grade to give a greater variety of learning opportunities. You can then use or print any or all activities for your child. Every day from Monday to Friday, one of our Spaulding teachers will be available for a minimum of a 1-hour block of time during the day (additional hours may be added depending on the number of students) to message, voice chat, or video chat for anyone who has questions or needs a little extra 1 on 1 support to complete an activity.

Q: My child has special needs or is gifted. Will this program work for them?

A: Anyone is welcome to subscribe to receive our packages as once it is in your hands you can choose the activities that will work best for your child, however right now we don’t have any special needs teachers available to give extended 1 on 1 support. Our teacher can answer questions and offer the same level of assistance as other students would receive and help give you as a parent some ideas of different ways to teach different concepts, but the teacher will be unable to take an extended amount of time for 1 on 1 instruction with any student to ensure everyone has a chance to get their questions answered during the live instruction time block. For gifted students, our program is the same information your child would receive in a regular classroom, so in the capacity of basic education it will definitely work for them. Our lead teacher for this program is also the head of our gifted department so we may be able to offer some learning extensions to challenge gifted minds, but as our curriculum is still being developed it depends on their current grade as to what is available to add.

Q: I still have to go to work, will my child be able to complete activities on their own during the day?

A: Our program is as flexible as you need it to be. You will be able to choose activities from the package that you feel your child will be able to complete on their own and print them out and leave it for them to work on through the day. If your child would like to access the 1 on 1 support options, if they are able/allowed to use the computer without supervision and know how to access our system then they are welcome to. If you prefer to do it after work to be with them, please email us and our teacher may be able to come back online in the afternoon at a time that works for you.

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