Making International Waves

Billeting programs and new fiber optic based education approaches

Making International Waves

International Students

The Spaulding School of The Arts in already known and respected across Canada and the United States of America.  We are currently growing satellite campuses in California and Pittsburgh.  With this in mind, we have begun fielding international requests from international students.  We plan to fulfill these students two ways:
1) Through online correspondence via internet training
2) By importing talent to our region and equipping them in-person.

The Spaulding Educational Environments is also growing to be a viable alternative for homeschool families that desire to supliment some of their educational training at home. 

We have planned Billeting Services for the students that will be coming directly to our area for education.  Often families of these international students desire their children to not only have a world-class education experience, but their desire is also to have their child experience cultural emersion in the “Canadian way”.  It is for this reason why we are strongly developing billeting services rather than standard boarding houses.
Billeting homes often consist of successful "Empty Nest" parents or successful families that have enough room for one more child in their midst.
Each family benefits from our programs by receiving free access to our many community events as well as food / housing allowances and more.

If you are a family that would like to provide billeting services, please contact us and we can begin the next steps.

If you are a long-distance student that desires to take advantage of our billeting program please notify us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you:
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