Spaulding Gifted Education

A gifted education program run by a gifted teacher

Spaulding Gifted Education

Gifted Student Program

Spaulding School of The Arts has generated an opportunity for your child to be trained in a highly customized gifted program designed and implemented by a ‘gifted’ person.
Andria Andros personally struggled through the standard gifted programs in her developing years. She found that teachers often did not know what do with her, because they simply could not relate to her gifted mind. 
This is no slight to the teachers that educated her; they did an extraordinary job with the resources they had.  Andria has now painstakingly built a gifted program for gifted children by leveraging her gifted mindset to create new gifted programs. 
Since every student we teach receives a customized learning profile, it would be best for you to contact us so that we can discuss how your child can be best facilitated through our gifted programs.

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