Grade Approaches

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Grade Approaches

Cross Grade Education

At present it is planned to divide the grade levels into “grade groupings” or “forms”.

Form 1 would be grades 1 2 and 3,

Form 2 would be grades 4 5 and 6,

Form 3 would be grades 7 8 and 9

form 4 would be grades 10 11 and 12.

Pre-school and afterschool programs can also be facilitated by the school structure in the long-term.

Even though Grande nine is officially a high school grade, the majority of grade nine courses are compulsory while only one or two are elect.  Since Spaulding School of The Arts attracts students that desire art or artistic expression, the elect course would be one of the many interactive art education programs we offer.

It is not slated to run the remaining high school courses through the Spaulding School of The Arts right from the start but higher more-customized grades 10 through 12 will be facilitated by industry professionals and custom teachers brought into the classroom on a strategic / on-demand basis.  Therefore, high school students at the Spaulding School of The Arts will not only be able to achieve the art industry training they desire, but other more technical learning will also be facilitated such as university math, science, English and the like.  All while keeping to the Spaulding Method of accelerated learning. 

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