Teaching the Whole Child

A safe environment for all learners

Teaching the Whole Child

Spaulding School of The Arts is not only committed to providing a revolutionary new approach to learning, but we are strive to create a learning atmosphere that is safe, healthy and encouraging for all students and teachers.

In every classroom we have changed lighting to not only eliminate the stress and discomfort normally provided by traditional fluorescent lighting but we have also included UV lighting to generate the needed Vitamin D in our environment. This
approach prevents students and faculty from "sagging" during the winter months with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

We recognize that many "brilliant" students in our environment suffer from ADHD and the challenge we face is simply to leverage the natural intelligence of every student and not numb that talent with drugs. We recognize diet also plays a major role in ADHD, Autism and other special needs. That is why Spaulding School of The Arts will always remain a junk food free environment.

There are many small details we attend to in order to ensure our environment sets a new standard for education. Presently we are embarking on collaborating with other schools nation-wide by creating the 'Green Leaf Certification' style process, as we all support the growing needs of our environment and youth.

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