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The dog ate my homework

As adults, most of us do our best to work hard through the day so that we can leave “work at work” and not take our work home with us.  Or at lest that is the ideal that many of us strive for.
Through the Spaulding School of The Arts we believe in equipping our students with the same heart.  We will do our best to empower each and every child to finish all work within the time given during the day.  If need be, students that require extra 1:1 attention can receive that extra attention while students collaborate in group projects. 
The aim will be to have (as best we can) no students fall between the cracks.  We also desire there to be as little homework as possible at all times while we encourage our students to interact with the community in new and creative ways.

There will be time where after-school studies will be required of course.  But we will do our best to remain respectful as possible to after-school family hours.

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