How Is Our Gifted Program Different?

Interactive and highly customized learning

How Is Our Gifted Program Different?

Interactive Learning

How does this gifted program differ from those in regular schools?

First and foremost, our gifted program was developed by a gifted individual as no one can better understand the specific needs of gifted students better than someone who has been in their shoes. All teachers in the gifted program are gifted themselves so they understand their students completely.

Our program is not one size fits all. We have many different forms of instruction available to suit individual needs rather than forcing students to sit at a desk and work from the same old boring textbooks day after day. The program take a very hands on approach, emphasizing experimentation to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and allows students to work at different levels as needed in different subjects, as do all classes within the Spaulding School of the Arts. This type of learning leads to a much greater depth of understanding of concepts vs just being able to parrot back facts they have read in a textbook. Instead they have seen it first hand, they have tried things that didn’t work to understand the mechanics behind the concept leading them to understand why things are done a certain way.

The program also uses interest based learning through various independent and group projects to be able to support every individual in their gifts and passions to foster a life long love of learning.

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How Is Our Gifted Program Different?
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How Do We Develop Excellence?

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