Integrated Art Instruction

Making room for arts in a classroom

Integrated Art Instruction

Dance Class

It is not a secret that a high school student can obtain a high school credit in a month and a half through a summer school program.  With this in mind, the question begs to be asked, why take 8 months to learn the same course material.

It is the challenge of the above statement that allows us to excel as an Art School without overwhelming each child.
The Spaulding School of The Arts has painstakingly re-built the education approach to condense the learning process in ways that avail time naturally through the school day to pursue each child’s personal interests or artistic expressions.  This approach also will gain further confidence and enjoyment of the learning process through the life of each student. 

Here is an example of simplified math as it will be taught through the Spauding Method.  Traditional approaches will also be taught in parallel through the Spauding Method but our customized approaches will naturally lead to accelerated learning, thus enabling a student to have the time they desire to excel in their desired areas of Art, Music, Dance, Design, Drama, Cuisine and the like.

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