Is This Program Right For My Child?

Finding the right fit for your child

Is This Program Right For My Child?

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How do I know if a gifted program is right for my child?

There is no one right answer to this question. While the majority of students in the program have been identified as gifted, there are students who have been identified as gifted that may not be a good fit for this program, and there may be students who didn’t quite meet the threshold to be labeled as gifted that will do well in this program.

If you have read about our program and feel like it would be a good fit for your child, we encourage you to contact the school and set up a meeting with one of our teachers from the gifted program to further discuss the possibility of your child joining our gifted classes.

No one is ever guaranteed a spot in the program even if your child has been identified as gifted as there are many factors that determine if they will do well this program, and students may do trial periods in different classes until we find the best fit. Our only objective is to make sure every child is in the class best suited to them to allow them to thrive and reach their potential, whether that ends up being the gifted program or not, we will find the ideal learning environment for them within the Spaulding School of the Arts.

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Is This Program Right For My Child?
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