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Spaulding School of The Arts would not be where it is today if it weren’t or the generous support and contribution of members in our local community.  If you have not met our team, there are many ways you can contribute:

Spaulding is breaking the "Private School is expensive" stigma and making high-level training affordable for almost anyone.

Even though the Spaulding School of The Arts includes training approaches that are only normally deployed at elitist private schools, Spaulding School of The Arts aims to make private schooling affordable for every family through our scholarships and bursaries for students.
Scolarships & Bursiries

We love our kids, we love our families, we love our community and through our love we will change the world. Thank you for Partnering with Spaulding School of The Arts!

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Art Makes You Smarter
Art Breeds Confidence and Blance
Art Expresses Our Humanity
Struggle Becomes Success
Think Creatively
Synergies Across the Region
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Be the heart behind the art

Our community is in large part what continually makes the Spaulding School of The Arts the top arts educator in the region

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Team work

Our fundraising initiatives are exciting events that give to our community while we raise funds for our very worthy cause.  We would love your help. 

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About Spaulding Day School

About Spaulding School of The Arts

About the Spaulding School of The Arts

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