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Our Method

The Method of learning that both the grade school and high school programs now enjoy was stemmed first by Damian Spaulding of the Spaulding School of Arts (afterschool programs). Over the last 15 years through directly teaching thousands of students in a one on one environment, Damian Spaulding has refined a new approach to learning Music and Arts called the Spaulding Method. This method has found such resounding success that the Spaulding School of Arts is now the largest and most dynamic arts teaching presence in Spaulding Ontario. With now 5 locations and growing, the Spaulding Method is already setting a new standard of after-school programs in art.

Damian Spaulding is not only a celebrated Art / Music instructor but also a high level software developer and teaches technical sciences as well.

Once Damian Spaulding combined forces with Debbie Couture (a 30 year veteran and trainer / administrator in the Montesori Method) history was quickly made.  Through the new combined method, our education team will mentor you or your child in how to move from a struggling grade level to a striving one. Already established gifted students are not excluded from our teaching approaches as well. Our gifted program approaches teach the critical thinking and self learning skills necessary to thrive not only in the arts but in all areas of professionalism.

Mix our revolutionary teaching approaches with the confidence that is grown from continual public performances and showcases of individual art, and we are set to transform lives by the hundreds.

Thank you for partnering with us and spreading the excitement!

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