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Our Method

Grade School Education

The Method of learning that both the grade school and high school programs now enjoy was stemmed first by Damian Spaulding and the Spaulding School of The Arts afterschool programs. Over the last 20+ years through directly teaching thousands of students in a one on one environment, Damian Spaulding has refined a new approach to learning Music and Arts called the Spaulding Method. This method has found such resounding success that the Spaulding School of Arts is now the largest and most dynamic arts teaching presence in Central Ontario. With now 5 locations and growing, the Spaulding Method is already setting a new standard of after-school programs in art.

To fulfill the needs of the Spaulding School of The Arts Day School programs, Damian Spaulding combined efforts with other leading educators in the region.  These educators varied from:
- Certified teachers and administrators within the public and catholic school sectors
- Well established professionals in alternative modalities like the Montessori Method
- Industry professionals directly connected to artistic areas such as music, dance, production and so on

Together they ratified the Spaulding Method for use as a global alternative to traditional education as we are glad that you have chosen the Spaulding School Of The Arts to educate your child.

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Mission & Vision

Stage performance and equipping our youth

Learn about the mission and vision of the Spaulding School of The Arts

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A Complete Education

Graduation and a complete education

Spaulding offers to each student a complete education with all board requirements being met.  Plus Spaulding adds far more to every student’s education

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