Next Steps

Now is the time to make a difference ~ Be the heart behind the art!

Next Steps


We now had a not for profit ready to rumble.  This allowed us to gather corporate sponsors to help the cause.  We could sponsor families, create scholarships and bursaries, and even joint venture in the acquisition of real-estate.  I knew our community was ready to line up by the thousands to support the children as individuals as well as corporations.  A not for profit was not enough.  We needed to get a charitable status in place so that everyone in the community can show their financial support for the kids and families about to benefit from the new programs.  This process would take yet another year!  Another year of silence in the community and biding time till the task was competed.  Thankfully, that year is now behind us and we now have our charitable status!  We can now move forward on over four years of planning an strategic development!

During this time Andrew Weckman also registered an American charity as well. Subsequently, you will now see two entities on his one website:

With this, we can build schools both in Canada and in the United States simultaneously. Plans are currently in the works to deliver education models in Ontario, California, Pitsburg and possibly Philadelphia.

Additionally, in keeping with providing world-class experiences for our community, some of my American partners and I have developed an opportunity to create a “Canadian Invasion” where a select number of artists would gain possible careers at Walt Disney Studios in California.  This project is well in motion at this time and we hope share big breakthroughs with you in the near future. 

So where does this leave us now?

Well, we finally have everything together!  We are now 100% ready to deliver what have planned for years!  We can now start raising concerts, galas, black tie events, corporate sponsorships and on! 

We can now raise our teams yet again to do great things for our community and we together can rally together to positively impact future generations through art and further alternative education!

We are now ready to team up with you to do great things yet-again in our area!

Would you like to join our movement for positive change in our region?  Would you like to help kids that are struggling in the present education system reach new heights of success and achievement?  Are you ready to support the next leaders of the future, while developing arts for generations to come?  Can you join the legacy that so many have been working hard to achieve?

It is proven that exposure to “performance arts” and arts as a whole breeds better leaders for the future and together we can impact lives through the new Spaulding School of The Arts!

Join us:

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Some great press releases brought to us by our local press.  Thank you!

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Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration

Join our volunteer team at the Spaulding School of The Arts

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Team work

Our fundraising initiatives are exciting events that give to our community while we raise funds for our very worthy cause.  We would love your help. 

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Be the heart behind the art

Our community is in large part what continually makes the Spaulding School of The Arts the top arts educator in the region

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About Spaulding Day School

About Spaulding School of The Arts

About the Spaulding School of The Arts

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