Peer Teaching

Learn best by teaching others

Peer Teaching

It is proven that we learn best when we teach another, however the present school system on the most part teaches students to simply learn and retain. Old school houses in the early 1900's (even though often more challenging for the teacher) arguably offered a better teaching environment for each student, because they forced students to engage and interact while teaching one another. The grade 3s helped teach the grade 2 students, solidifying the grade 2 curriculum in the grade 3s. This approach also forced visual learners (for example) to present material in auditory ways (not readily native to their thinking). This process caused the student to use a different aspect of their brain to teach material thus causing greater understanding and retention in the end. 

This approach to learning also made it far easier for students to relate to other students beyond their grade level. This reality arguably made for a more engaged an interactive individual in society. Through this approach, a grade 12 student would feel just as comfortable learning from grandma and grade two students when compared to the present "grade sliver" based system presently employed. 

Peer teaching will always be an important part of the Spaulding Method at Spaulding School.


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