You make a difference

Help our message reach further

You make a difference

Raise awareness

From the very first moment, our School of The Arts initiative received extra-ordinary support and rave reviews!  We are hoping to continue this trend as we continue to move toward impacting more and more lives.  Please see the Spaulding Central Story for more information.

Here is where you can make a big difference. We simply can not continue to make dreams come true from our community without your help.  Please partner with us by raising the word.

1) Blog about us
2) Share us through Social Networking with friends, family and even professional relationships. Everyone has a child or family member that can benefit from our revolutionary way of teaching K to 12
3) Please contact the press and let them know of the great things that we are doing and will continue to do for Central Ontario
4) Contact local businesses and have them partner with us. As we work together we can impact even more lives.
5) Contact your local City Officials and see if they would be able to facilitate our growth and success while in-turn positively impacting our region.
6) The list can go much further but you know better than us what you can do help spread the word and change the lives of those who need it the most.
Keep Spaulding on your mind every day and tell a minimum of 3 new people every day and it will be amazing what we will achieve in seemingly no time.

If everyone in our community simply gave a one-time gift of $10, many of our goals would quickly be met and we will over-night be ready to give hope to families that are in need as well as provide new successes in the lives of to children that are waiting to experience them.

Please join our mailing lists and social pages and together you can become The Heart Behind The Art.

Together we can do it!

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Get Involved


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Sponsor A Child

Give and sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child makes all of the difference in the world to the life of a child and family.  Your contributions give a ‘personal touch’ to what we do

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Team work

Our fundraising initiatives are exciting events that give to our community while we raise funds for our very worthy cause.  We would love your help. 

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