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New adult Musical Theatre Program and more!

Recent News

Adult Music Theatre Program

Here we grow again!

Spaulding is about to make Central Ontario history again! We have possibly two new major programs anticipated to commence this fall. One is a definite, and the other depends on you.

Before we get into the new programs though, I wanted to let you become aware of some more great news!


Remember the “Canadian Invasion - Fab 5” group of girls that we were introducing to the major Disney producer Andrew Lane? Andrew is the man behind High School Musical and other productions by Disney, Nickelodeon and the like.
Well the girls did it! They were successfully presented to Andrew and he loves what we have been up to! Now begins the work to prep the team to directly approach the major players south of the border (Universal, Disney etc). If you see members of the Fab 5 group in the community, please congratulate them on a job well done!

We are far from finished however. Landing the interest of this major record producer is merely where the process begins. Next step will be to have them appear on television or hit the charts. Please wish them the best as we continue to work hard to make this all happen. The first and most crucial steps are now behind us though! YAY!


Now back to the new achievement brewing here at Spaulding:

In my time I have connected with not only major record producers, but I have also connected with top stage producers as well. As always, I try my best to share my connections with the community in order to create wold-class opportunities where possible.

The producers that I have in mind for our new project are the production artists behind major New York Broadway Productions, Toronto producers as well as international production talents. Producers behind shows like Donny Osmand’s Joseph and the technicolor Dreamcoat, Jersey Boys, Greece, you get the idea. With them and our community, I plan to build a 100% custom written musical / play / circus / dance performance dependent upon what you as a community would like to produce here in Central Ontario. Let me know the subject matter or rough outline of what you would like to see produced, and I will do my best to facilitate. That especially goes for you musicians, poets, play writers, dancers and the like!


Did I mention that Barrie’s own Madison Mueller is now played on 500+ radio stations, is now in the CBC archive, has done dozens of media interviews in the recent past, has won one America’s most prestigious upcoming artist awards (Josie Award) and is now nominated for two new awards this year! Please wish her the best in her new performance coming up in Atlanta and we expect to see other great things to come from this young and amazing artist.

I love seeing my past students succeed and look forward to continuing this trend for our community.


We are now looking of the best dancers, musicians, drama artists and performers to interview (NOT audition) for the region’s first major production facilitated by Broadway style producers. We are looking not only for performers, but also play writers, composers, directors and the full-gambit to be trained by the best and produce the best experience to ever hit the area. Do you know someone whom would like to be part of an initiative like this?  If so, please let us know right away so that we can begin the process. The reason why we are “interviewing” participants and not “auditioning” is because we are not doing the typical thing of trying to find artists that “fit the shoe” of an existing production; we do have the skills to “build the shoe” around our local talents. Much like how Bach used to write productions for artists within his reach, we will be writing a production with you and for you!  And we will teach you how to do it as we move along.  Together it is our aim to bring the arts scene in Central Ontario to a whole new level while aiming to continue our region’s international success.  If you know anyone in musical theatre or theatre as a whole that would like this kind of world-class experience, please let me know right away! 


The success of our initiative depends on your response to this communication and the number of participants that interview with us. Please feel free to let this go viral so that we can make the appropriate strategic decisions before the end of summer. If enough aspiring, professional or semi-professional artists come up to make things happen, we will run the program.  We will even train beginners that have the right passion and desire to learn.  Please spread the word far-and-wide so that we may be able to start in as early as September.  Otherwise we may wait just a little longer before launching this new program. 😊

The ages for this initiative will be individuals from grade 9 till about 30+ years of age. We want to hear from you!


The second major achievement we plan for this year will be a smaller production for kids aged 8 to Grade 9 that will be lead by Spaulding Teacher: Norma Zorzi and her team. This program is 100% a go! More can be learned here:


More on the adult production can be found here:

See our home page for both initiatives:

Please share this with a minimum of 5 friends that love the arts and have them contact me direct:


Thank you for voting us best school in Barrie now 4 years in a row and we look forward to doing our best to keep bringing you the best in world-class training and production; right here in Central Ontario.

Also, stay tuned for new video productions starting in September! 

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