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What once began as a major movement to acquire Central Highschool in Barrie Ontario has now turned into a much larger vision and success for education in Central Ontario.
The Spaulding Central Story

Groomed for Success:
Almost any struggling student can be transformed into a thriving student simply by changing how materials are presented. At Spaulding School of The Arts, we leverage students minds in a new way. We present materials in ways that an artist or often "gifted" student will connect with. We face student challenges with new approaches that breed new successes.  Our education approach is guaranteed to be like nothing you have ever experienced.
Education Approach

A student does not need to be an active artist to benefit from our programs but we do strongly leverage the great benefits of the arts to grow and instil new confidence in every one of our students.

By mixing our new approaches with some of the best arts teaching Ontario can offer, we have provided a new recipe for great success.
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Will my child receive the complete education they need through Spaulding School of The Arts?
Often private education / schools are perceived as an elitist form of education because they not only meet but rather exceed curriculum standards on a regular base. Spaulding School of The Arts is no exception to this rule. We not only meet curricular requirements but exceed these requirements in every way possible.
A Complete Education

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Spaulding Education Approach

Child Fine Art Education
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Why Spaulding

Award winning eductation

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Team work

Our fundraising initiatives are exciting events that give to our community while we raise funds for our very worthy cause.  We would love your help. 

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About Spaulding Day School

About Spaulding School of The Arts

About the Spaulding School of The Arts

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Part 1: The Beginning

Central Highschool Barrie Spaulding Story

The Spaulding Central Story outlines the epic journey it took to build the regions most innovate art school.  From the high exposure, high stakes and high pressure realities to the lows in the project ranging from financial restrictions, joint venture failures and more.  Our “bare all” story is bound to captivate you

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