Special Needs Program

Weaknesses can become strengths with special needs 

Special Needs Program

Special Needs Student

Spaulding School of The Arts has been made very popular in-part by the fact that the all-too-needed arts programs have been systematically removed and / or under funded by the present education system. 
This has been done in the face of the fact that we seem to be entering into a day and age where art and art education will become the center point of future business and economic development.   Please see these Wise Words written by our visionary Damian Spaulding.

The same holds true to the special education needs of our region.  Less and less has been allocated to special needs when these areas often hold some of the greatest demands and even the most brilliant minds of our generation.  Daniel Tammet comes to mind with this statement.

The Spaulding School of The Arts approaches are already a preferred standard for education of autistic children, for example, and we look forward to bringing to our community new programs for children with special needs ranging for Asperger’s to Down Syndrome and Ambulatory Care.  If you would like to learn more about these programs or would like to facilitate this process in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us

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