Special Thanks

With you anything is made possible

Special Thanks

Thank you

I would like to sincerely thank all those whom gave their passion, time and perseverance to the project and often continue to do so on a daily basis:
Stephanie Lampron
Bryon Johnson
Bill Kerr
Mike Mueller
Susan Morrison
Andrew Ain
Debbie Couture
Andrew Weckman
Rachele Mortveit
Anony Brlec
Dennis Galbreith
William Moore
Lisa Bertram
Vincent Dinorcia
Lisa Spaulding
Andria Andros
Deborah Pratt
Alex Nuttall
Joanne McPhail
The list can go on seemingly forever!  I thank our entire community as a whole for standing behind us over the years and I also thank you in advance for joining our highly capable team. 

I would also like to thank all of the press outlets that helped raise awareness of our great initiative thus-far:
Beach Booster
Barrie Advance
Barrie Today
Cool FM
Rogers Cable
Rogers TV
If I have missed you please let me know.

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Part 3: Raising The Octane
Part 4: Getting Real
Part 5: Not For Profit
Part 6: Next Steps
Special Thanks
Project Links

Project Links


Some incredibly worth-while and highly informative links about education.  These links help illustrate some of the principles leveraged in the Spaulding Method

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Part 1: The Beginning

Central Highschool Barrie Spaulding Story

The Spaulding Central Story outlines the epic journey it took to build the regions most innovate art school.  From the high exposure, high stakes and high pressure realities to the lows in the project ranging from financial restrictions, joint venture failures and more.  Our “bare all” story is bound to captivate you

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The Spaulding Method

Consumer Choice Award - Spaulding Method

A brief description of the concepts behind our award winning education method

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Be the heart behind the art

Our community is in large part what continually makes the Spaulding School of The Arts the top arts educator in the region

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