Stop The Boredom Sundays

Games you can make and play at home

Stop The Boredom Sundays

Fooseball in a box

Stop The Boredom Sundays (games you can make and play at home)

Need a new game to play with your family while you’re at home? Why not make your own foosball game from a cardboard box! Decorate your box and players however you would like and show us a picture or take a video of a game in action!

Skeeball is a fun game that’s easy to make at home and fun to play. You can make up different games and challenges with your family to keep the fun going for hours. All you need is some cardboard, some cardboard boxes, short laundry bins, or other similar sized containers, and some small plastic balls (or tennis balls, or whatever you have available). If you don’t ha larger items available, make a mini skeeball for marbles or whatever size items you have around. Don’t have any balls? Use anything with wheels like small toy cars. Show us a picture of what you made and tell us about the different games or challenges you made up!

All you need is a couple paint sticks or rulers, 2 paper plates, and a balloon. Tape or hot glue the stick/ruler to the back of the paper plate and you’re ready to go! You can even decorate the plate and balloon if you would like. Tell us what kinds of games you made up (for example, trying to get to a certain number of times hitting the balloon back and forth without it touching the floor) or show us a picture or video of a game in action!

Have fun learning about probability with a classic game of Plinko! All you need is some cardboard (like a pizza box or disassembled cardboard box) to hot glue cardboard pieces to, and some cups or dividers at the bottom. How did you design your board? Looking at your design, where do you think the marble/pompom will go. What games can you make up? (Like maybe putting a treat or snack in front of each cup and you get to eat whatever the marble/pompom lands on, or play a probability game and guess how many times it will land on your chosen cup in 10 drops, or make a chart to see how many times it lands in each cup after 20 drops, or whatever else you can think of!) Show us a picture of your plinko board or take a video of the board in action.

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Stop The Boredom Sundays

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