Student Peer Education

Building experience through education

Student Peer Education

Project Based Learning & Drones

A tenant of the Spaulding Method is to create a safe environment where students are free to teach one another in an uplifting fashion. As you know the best way to learn something is by teaching or leading another. Through these and many other approaches, we aim to deepen the knowledge and understanding in our students as well as naturally develop and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Where possible, the Spaulding Method also strongly encourages project-based learning where students can collaborate and excel.  For example, if a class were to learn electronics, rather than standard book studies, students will find themselves in projects where real-world electronics would be built.  Drones or robots for example would be a perfect excuse for such studies.  Each grade level would be exposed to the education approach suitable for their grade while entire classes can collaborate to create a group success and learn their principles as they move along.  For example, grade one through three would learn how to draw a robot, grade four through six would learn the operating and design principles of the robot while grades 7 through nine will learn the electronic design of the robot.  Grades 10 through 12 would be able to use advanced math to calculate balance and other challenges that need to be produced as a challenge to the group or individuals.  Through this environment, students will be encouraged to collaborate and cross-teach one another while still solving real world project dilemas.  In essence we will work hard to teach the leaders of the future through example and group projects.  Everyone wins though this design.  This approach also runs perfectly into the cross grade education approach.

Other example group projects can also be found on websites such as this:

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