Synergies Across the Region

Community leaders engage with our youth

Synergies Across the Region

Interactive Teaching

Spaulding School of The Arts leverages talent from leaders across the region.  Because Spaulding School of The Arts operates as a "private school”, there is no need to rely solely on traditionally certified teachers. Education facilitators far and wide (both online and in-person) have come forward expressing desires to educate our youth.  We have now created a safe environment that all participants can gain through the Spaulding Experience. 

Examples of this:
Our technology classes are being taught directly by professionals that run large technology contracts on a regular basis.
Our business classes are being taught in-part by business leaders in the community
Music education is brought to us by some of the strongest musical talents our region has seen
Our art classes are facilitated with celebrated artists

Through Spaulding, the homeroom teacher need-not-be the master of all knowledge when we have so many great leaders in our midst ready to facilitate the further education of our youth.
There is no limit to the teaching possibilities of Spaulding School of The Arts and as more and more professional teachers step up to impact our youth with their professional expertise, the possibilities become endless.

Final example
Imagine taking a high school business class that is run in-part by a professional millionaire that wants to give back to their community by educating our youth in how they succeeded.

This is all within reach through Spaulding School of The Arts.


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