Testing Retention Not Attrition

Better test results and better learning   

Testing Retention Not Attrition

Better Test Results

We all have experienced the stress and demands of cramming for a test the day or week before being examined.  We all will also recall that the majority of intellectual gains we made during that period of time, quickly falls out of our mind within days if not weeks after the examination is complete. 
This kind of testing and educational performance is all to common in the traditional education system. Far too often we have heard from students and parents that they are frustrated that often their educational experience has less to do with actual retention of knowledge and moreso memorization of facts in order to pass a course.  In short: Attrition of data rather than the learning of material.
The Spaulding Method of learning approaches education from a different point of view.  As we nurture the student’s development to pass each grade before them, we have built-in approaches that will help each student retain course material rather than simply memorize course material.

The approaches deployed by Spaulding leverages our minds natural abilities to retain stories more than facts, retain experiences more than visual lists and many other truths that act as the foundations of our natural learning experiences. 
Just a quick real world example:
If we were to sit you down in a classroom and start rattling off all of the parts of a car engine, you would remember many of the facts for days to come.  However, if we instead had you drive a car and have that car break down and leave you stranded on the side of the road for an hour; then when the tow truck driver comes by and educates you that your alternator has broken down,  you will remember that lesson for years.

Through our engineered learning experiences at Spaulding, we will do our best to create environments where students retain knowledge rather than just obtain knowledge. 
This approach will naturally lead itself to higher grades in each student as well as a smoother education process in our experience when transitioning naturally between grades. 

This process also keeps the learning environment experiential and fun!

This video contains some of the general truths and concepts that we apply into the Spaulidng Method of learning:

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