The Classroom

Facilitating an new community-based learning environment

The Classroom

The modern classroom

The goal of each classroom at Spaulding School of The Arts is to resemble more of the “tried and true” education space of the single room facilitating multiple grades. Much like the schoolhouse of early 1900’s, all-be-it without the need of traditional desks. There will be specific “work areas” but we believe there is no need to keep kids locked up in desks for the majority of the day. This education approach encourages participants to collaborate, co-educate and encourage one another. This also removes limitations from kids in some areas while empowering growth in others. For example, a grade 4 student may be able to operate at a grade 5 level in math while still being facilitated in remedial help in grade 3 English. Students will also learn by naturally leading each other through this model. Real-world project-based learning will also be a direct part of the teaching approaches at Spaulding.

Students can also move, dance or internalize knowledge in the ways they learn best as outlined in this video:
Students will also will be encouraged to “learn through play”. As that is how children naturally learn on a daily basis.

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