The School Day

Dividng the day in a unique way

The School Day

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The details of each school day is presently being finalized but here is a picture of what an average school day would like at the Spaulding School of The Arts:
The school day is anticipated to be divided into 3 main parts:

Task oriented collaboration and learning is how each day will start. Children will be encouraged to collaborate on group projects (actively mixing grade levels). For example, the entire class may involve themselves in making a rocket ship. The lower grades can paint while the upper grades can engineer. The end result will be a project that the entire school will be proud of. The project will also pertain to the “story” being taught or lessons being learned in the remaining education process.

Grade specific training:
Here is where kids will break into grade levels and / or the teacher will teach the split-grades successfully. Students will collaborate through these means where appropriate as well.


Art or industry specific training:
Here is were we will work with industry experts to teach specific disciplines: music, drama, fine art and so on. Through our development, we have found that there is no shortage of professionals in our region ranging from bankers and business managers to fine artists and musicians that have a passion for teaching the next generation through the successes they have gained. These guest educators are planned to be a regular occurrence through Spaulding. Through this approach the in-school teacher will act more like a “catalyst” to the learning process while consultants also directly facilitate the education process. The in-school teacher will also help distill the lessons learned by each consultant / guest through the Spaulding Method so that information retention always stays high. The variety of guests will be refreshing to the students and this approach also removes great pressure from a teacher because they will no longer have to be an “expert in all fields” as is often expected from them in the present system.
This approach also enables great flexibility for the gifted program as well.  Often teacher do not know what to do with a 12 year old that can perform university level math computations for examples.  Now computer scientists, quantum physicists and any other discipline can take part in our training process as the teaching process dictates.

Part 4:
After school programs:
Even though this is not a formal part of the regular curriculum as required by the board. After school music programs, dance programs and the like will be facilitated by the Spaulding School of The Arts while the parents are still at work, if the parents desire extended art training expertise.
Students through the school of Cuisine can practice their raft for the students at the after-school program, or even take home a meal for mom and dad.  Musicians can play in band before the day has concluded.  The goal is to get all work and extra-curricular work done as much as possible through the day program in order to avail a student with as much time after hours as possible for independent studies, group sports or other community events.

All of the above is just a preliminary outline at this time.  each year and each class will adapt dependent upon the needs and desires of each student, the size of class and spread of grades at that time, as well as the funds that are available for the man programs that are slated. 

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