Think Outside The Box Thursday

Activities / puzzles where the answer is never the obvious choice

Think Outside The Box Thursday

Think outside the box

Think Outside the Box Thursday (activities/puzzles where the answer is never the obvious choice)

  • “This is not a snowman" type finish the drawing challenge.

We are all about thinking outside the box and finding interesting and different answers. Use the shapes provided as a starting point and turn it into a picture of anything other than the one obvious thing listed for each. Get creative! Show us a picture of your drawings!

  • Popsicle Stick Balance.

Can you defy gravity and find a way to make a popsicle stick balance on its end on your finger? If an object has a high center of gravity, it will fall over more easily. If you can lower its center of gravity, then it can balance better. Start with a popsicle stick and try to balance it. Does it work? Why do you think that is? What do you think will help it balance? You can tie/tape/glue anything you like onto the popsicle stick to help it balance. Show us a picture of what you did. Tell us what you added and why, if it worked like you thought it would, and what revisions you made.

Count how many squares you can see in this picture and comment with the number. At the end of the day I will tell you how many I found and show you how I found them. Use some outside the box thinking! Consider different sizes of squares, or even squares within squares.

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