Variety Show
The most epic production ever in Central Ontario!

Variety Show

Variety Show Stage Production

Are you ready for the most epic community production to hit Central Ontario?

Give three cheers for the Spaulding School of Arts 2016 Variety Show!

1) Picture a stage (The Mady Center or Georgian Collage Theater) rented in order to showcase all of our local talent:
- Band Talent
- Dance Talent
- Dramatic Talent
- and more
In a live Saturday Night Live (variety show) kind of presentation.  

2) Now picture this stage being filmed by a professional video team that will let you preserve your performance and even post on YouTube so that the world could see your amazing talents.

3) Then picture adding all of the media excitement we can muster so that our audience share the same excitement you do.

4) Best of all, picture 100% training where needed to facilitate your performance through our customizable education standards that molds to your specific needs, ensuring your success in every way!

5) Then picture making this stage run by you and our community.
- All performers are community performers
- The stage is managed by student producers (being lead by our industry professionals)
- Video, Audio and Stage Productions are facilitated by a 100% student crew (lead by our industry professionals)
- Even the media exposure and business management is handled by trained student teams (lead by our industry professionals)
- By the time we are done, anyone will can know how to run their own community production with great success.

This is your chance to not only shine, but also partake in the most dynamic, inclusive, educative and exhilarating ride Central Ontario has ever offered.

All of this done through the Spaulding School of Arts and its associated schools for training:
Spaulding School of Music
Spaulding School of Drama
Spaulding School of Dance
Spaulding School of Production
Spaulding School of Cuisine
Spaulding School of Fine Art
Spaulding School of Literature
Spaulding School of Design

Students to professionals in any walk of life are welcomed to audition and partake in this experience.  Through this process, we will generate a show (or multiple shows) based upon community involvement.  From the novice to the touring professional, let's celebrate how Art Happens in our local area through the new Spaulding School of Arts 2016 Variety Show!

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This year's variety show will be held:
Saturday May 14th. 

7841 4th Line,
Angus, ON
L0M 1B1

You will be notified of auditions through email once you contact us or join our mailing lists:
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Also stay informed through our Facebook and Twitter pages:

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