What Does Being Gifted Mean?

Gifted minds are wired differently

What Does Being Gifted Mean?

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What does it mean to be gifted?

Being gifted is much more than just high intelligence. A gifted mind is wired differently and can often make connections and see things that others can’t.

Gifted children often excel in one or many areas well beyond the norms for their age. They often display exceptional language and/or math abilities from a very early age and understand the world around them in much greater depth for their age.

Gifted children often display personality traits that include being highly sensitive and having intense feelings, having a great curiosity and asking a lot of questions about everything because they have a need to know and understand everything around them. They often have a very good memory and a vivid imagination, and often prefer the company of older kids or adults that they feel are their intellectual equals over kids their own age. These are just a few of many other traits that set them apart from their peers.

Gifted students have very different needs in the classroom and require a specialized education geared towards their unique way of doing things in order to ensure they remain challenged. Keeping gifted students busy with meaningful work is the best way to ensure they learn good work habits and lets them explore the true depth of their unique minds.

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What Does Being Gifted Mean?
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