What's An Average Gifted Day?

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What's An Average Gifted Day?

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What does a day in the gifted program look like?

Our gifted program has many components. Every morning starts with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activity. These activities promote critical thinking, abstract through, problem-solving skills, and teamwork and are a fun way to wake up sleepy brains in the morning.

Every morning and afternoon will have work periods for core curriculum subjects where students will be able to use a combination of textbooks, activity sheets, educational apps, and 1 on 1 instruction time with the teacher to complete their work.

Every day will also allow time for work on independent or group interest-based projects. These projects allow students to peruse subjects they are passionate about and ask questions to learn about the world around them.

Each week will also include lesson time from teachers in a variety of our fine arts departments to promote creative expression and give students a well-rounded background in the arts. Students can choose from classes in fine art, dance, music, drama and more. There is also always lots of opportunity to explore fine arts and music right in the gifted program to promote creativity and extend students learning from their other classes.

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What's An Average Gifted Day?

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