Why Do We Need A Gifted Program?

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Why Do We Need A Gifted Program?

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Why does the Spaulding School of The Arts need a gifted program?

Gifted students’ brains work differently and often at a much faster pace, so they require specialized programming and access to different learning formats to ensure they are consistently challenged academically to reach the full potential of their unique minds. So much of a gifted student’s time is often wasted in a regular classroom waiting for their non-gifted peers to catch up. Gifted minds have different needs so grouping these like minds together in a single classroom not only lets them see that there are others like them and gives them intellectual peers their own age, but also allows them to have a learning environment specifically tuned to their needs so they can flourish academically and intellectually.

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How Is Our Gifted Program Different?
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How Is Our Gifted Program Different?

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What makes the Spaulding Gifted Method so different from any other method

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