Why Spaulding

From arts to science, Spaulidng transforms learning

Why Spaulding

Just a few points quickly come to mind:

Art Makes You Smarter

There is mounting evidence that art makes you smarter:



Study after study shows that the younger a child starts in their artistic development, the more balanced the development of their minds are. Think back in time to some of the great scientific innovators in history. Galileo for example. Not only was he an exceptional mathematician and inventor but he was an extraordinary artist.

It is this balanced approach to thinking that enabled children and adults to thrive in our environment. Not to mention that the future of our world seems to be leaning more and more toward art and creative thinking. Please see this article by our visionary Damian Spaulding.

Spaulding School of The Arts goes well beyond artistic practices and confidently delves into every area of learning, allowing you to succeed in ways you only dreamed possible.

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Art Breeds Confidence

This message has been repeated over and over again from leaders in our community: that their lives would not have been half as successful had they not exposed themselves to the arts.

Performance arts empowers partakers to be comfortable in front of hundreds, if not thousands of spectators. This leads to great confidence in professional careers as well [leading board-room table negotiations for example].

Fine Arts exposure leads to confidence in a student as they display their art for the world to see and receive strong reviews from the public.

Dance Arts allows a developing youth to find confidence in their bodies and be free to move and act in ways that express and empower themselves.

Musical Arts builds instant gratification and endorphine releases not only for the player of music but also the listener. The public acclaim experience from strong musical performances have been proven to directly change the lives of individuals that receive it.

The list can go on and on. Ask business leaders and even members of Parliament and you will quickly find that most successful professionals strongly advocate art as a direct or at least indirect part of their success.

Art Balances Your Mind

Art allows an individual or student to express themselves in ways the English language does not allow. With a simple stroke of a brush or expression of a musical note, one can speak from the heart. Doing so helps balance one's emotional journey and leads to a much more rounded, confident and assertive individual. Public acclaim also helps in this regard as well.

Literary art crafts a student mind to not only regurgitate facts in a structured manner but also encourages non linear or divergent thinking. The best poets used words in a context that was not customarily leveraged within their poetic context.

In essence, Art breeds a balanced mind, balanced body, wholesome spiritual experience and an even smarter, more satisfied lifestyle for those that profess to live it.

We Preserve the Legacy of Spaulding in Barrie

Spaulding School of The Arts not only brings art and art culture to a new level in Simcoe County but Spaulding School of The Arts also commits to preserving the cultural history of our area. Successfully preserving history is an art in and of itself.

Spaulding School of The Arts aims to revitalize the Spaulding High School facility by not only continuously renovating the structures and keeping it up to date, but also adding to the legacy by furthering the positive impact Spaulding has made in our community.

Revitalizing the space is a costly endeavor but our community has spoken and have already raised funds to help this process occur. Thank you for giving freely to support the Spaulding Campus in Barrie Ontario.

Art Brings The Whole Community Together

The Spaulding Location has been a pillar in our community for quite some time. Many artistic performances have been performed in the legendary hall at Spaulding. Community support projects like “Out of the Cold" have also been hosted at the Spaulding Campus location.

Spaulding School of The Arts will continue to support and encourage community initiative and "togetherness" programs for Simcoe County.

Being conveniently located in the center of Spaulding Ontario, Spaulding has the perfect environment and location to continue to host your community events, rehearsal halls, training spaces and more.

If you have an event you would like to run or would like to rent our facility for any reason please fill out the appropriate form on on our contact page.

Art and Culture is what Makes Us Human

As spoken from one of our executive leaders, Michael Jack:
"The traditional business world with all of its profit and loss mentality can only get you so far. Art is what makes us human and connects us as a species

Yes, math and science is important, but you will find that the majority of what is most celebrated and showcased in the last thousand years in public places is art.

As a culture we tend to take advantage of math and science while celebrating the arts.

Strong arguments can be made that the arts are what bind us together as a culture, reflects our cultural representations for all time and leads a timeless impression on the future of our planet.

Take Cuban Latin music for example. In history this music was built when the slave trade mixed with Spanish and other influences in the small island of Cuba. That unique mixing pot nurtured and developed a genre of music which is still celebrated today. Art simply can not be separated from our culture and our culture would never be the same without its successful expression.

Our teaching approaches take struggling students in the traditional education approach and turns them into great successes

Because we have unraveled the inner workings of the artistic minds (and continue to do so), the Spaulding School of The Arts educates youth in a way that is counter-intuitive to the traditional learning systems.

There is no shortage of individuals upset or frustrated with traditional learning approaches and Spaulding School of The Arts offers a strong alternative for parents seeking a more fluid and dynamic learning environment for their children.

Many of the techniques deployed in our teaching approaches are the same appraches that made the Spaulding School of Arts the largest arts teaching enterprise in Spaulding Ontario. Successful techniques also readily used in homeschooling environment are strongly leveraged in the Spaulding School of The Arts as well.

Every grade level has been re-engineered to cause great success in what would normally be failing students that become regularly bullied in traditional school settings.  Our newly engineered approaches also cause students that already succeed to become students that excel in any area they desire.  No student is exempt from the many benefits of Spaulding School of The Arts.

The extraordinary news is that the same teaching approaches that helps struggling students excel is what helps gifted students excel even further and operate at a genius level.

This success all boils down in how to leverage the mind to its full potential, no matter how the mind is constructed. Spaulding School of The Arts meets the needs of all students at all skill levels by teaching the student as a whole and balancing the mind in every way.

Our programs prepare youth to think creatively to solve even the most analytical of problems

We are living in a day and age where computers can now easily solve problems that used to take brilliant human minds to determine. For example, a computer can now find a missing penny in a General Ledger in a matter of seconds, or match medication to disease symptoms. However, a computer can not think creatively.

Thinking creatively and applying that creativity to traditional analytical problems is the key to marvelous breakthroughs in analytical studies Quantum Mechanical Theory is a perfect example of that. Or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which required him to think out of the box. Nicola Tesla and his many experiments could not have been done if traditional scientific thought processes stayed resident in his mind or any of the minds of the geniuses in our past.

The brilliance of these individuals occurred in large part because they operated with a blanaced mind. They thought creatively as well as analytically in order to solve the major problems of the world.

Spaulding School of The Arts specializes in teaching students to think with a balanced mind, thus nurturing the innovators of our future.

Our teachers come from far and wide to create the best learning environment and teaching approaches for our youth.

Excitement is very high for the Spaulding School of The Arts and this excitement has attracted high level talent from across our entire region to teach at our school.

Elite talents in music, arts, drama and more (all within a 1 hour commute) are migrating to Barrie to teach at the Spaulding School of The Arts.

Because Spaulding School of The Arts operates as a "private school”, there is no need to have traditionally certified teachers teaching every course. This empowers Spaulding School of The Arts and sets it apart from traditional schools.

For example, our technology classes are being taught directly by professionals that run large technology contracts professionally on a regular basis.

Shop teachers will be partial teachers that woodwork and do 'shop' successfully as a living.

Music education is brought to us by some of the strongest musical talents our region has seen.

There is no limit to the teaching possibilities of Spaulding School of The Arts and as more and more professional teachers step up to impact our youth with their professional expertise, the possibilities become endless.

Imagine taking a high school business class that is being run in-part by a professional millionaire that wants to give back to their community by educating our youth in how they succeeded.

This is all a reality through Spaulding School of The Arts.

The community can have access to our facilities (theatre, gym etc) at a really affordable price – expanding the reach of art to our community

Spaulding School of The Arts will continue to be a deep art of our community. Our student-run stage facility is now a new and affordable alternative for individuals and companies that would like to rent an auditorium that seats upward of 1000 people at an affordable price.

All facilities, in fact, can be leveraged by our community in an affordable manner. Gyms, Fields, Cafeteria and kitchen, library, and workshops.

If you would like to rent our facilities, simply let us know and we will find a cost-effective approach to help build your success in our community.
Our Facility

Spaulding draws together the best multi-disciplined art teachers to build a Spauldingized approach to learning art. No more silo art learning

Once an artist always an artist:
For some reason in our culture we have found it is necessary to "silo" the arts. You either attend a Music School or a Dance School etc.

At Spaulding School of The Arts, we combine all forms of art into one successful and collaborative space. If a person can learn to express themselves in music, there is no reason why the same individual can not find the same success in painting or poetry.

Spaulding School of The Arts allows a student to infinitely succeed in a given area of study, or generally jump between all areas of art quite successfully, until they find their niche. We have attracted some of the best teachers across all disciplines in our region to teach at Spaulding School of The Arts. Now there is no need to enroll in multiple after-school programs in order to give your child the balanced experience in life you so desire as a parent.

Based firmly upon the Spaulding Method of learning

The Spaulding Method of learning as designed by our visionary, Damian Spaulding, has been proven to accelerate the learning curve of any student faster than any other teaching method and has proven to equip the leaders of our future.

Over the last 15 years, thousands of children have been successfully thought through the Spaulding Method after-school program. Many have toured world stages while others are now leading very active professional lives.

The Spaulding Method instills confidence and success in every student it teaches and more can be learned on the Spaulding School of Arts website.

Spaulding School of The Arts is not only founded on the Spaulding Method of learning but also includes the learning approaches of many other proven-successful learning practices.

Thank you for choosing the Spaulding School of The Arts.

Put Barrie and Simcoe County firmly on the international map for arts training, increasing tourism and art culture in our area.

Spaulding School of The Arts is now making a very large statement for arts in Spaulding Ontario. We are not only receiving local attention but also national and international attention as our reach begins to impact the world. 
Already we have been fielding many requests for out of county and even out of province students to come to our educational space.

Spaulding School of The Arts is really making Barrie and Simcoe County stand out on the world-stage of the arts.

Thank you for continuing to spread the word and tell the press about us! Together we are doing great things!

Spaulding provides excellent alternative to homeschooling your child

There is no shortage of parents in our area that have chosen to enroll their children in private schools or home-school because it was their experience (or concern) that traditional schooling methods could not nurture their child to the success they desired. 

Spaulding School of The Arts caters in-part to that specific need saving the cost of taking a parent out of the workforce as our services remain affordable for just about any household.

Our community has spoken and they love Spaulding School of The Arts

Spaulding School of The Arts originally began as a little secret idea by our visionary, Damian Spaulding, and within a matter of months our entire community loved it and ran with it! From Members of Parliament to parents seeking a new education alternative for their children, the many Spaulding School of The Arts steering groups are what is now making the school so vastly successful!

We would like to sincerely thank all that have invested their time, passion and personal funds to make this dream of a better learning a great reality.

We can't do this without you!

If you have not joined our team, there are many ways you can help out:

Spaulding is breaking the "Private School is expensive" stigma and making high-level training affordable for almost anyone.

Even though the Spaulding School of The Arts includes training approaches that are only normally deployed at elitist private schools, Spaulding School of The Arts aims to make private schooling affordable for every family.
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We love our kids, we love our families, we love our community and through our love we will change the world.

Cenral School of The Arts was first build out of a love of our community, a love of the art and a healthy love for the positive development of our children. This passion has been successfully echoed across our entire community.

Thank you for Partnering with Spaulding School of The Arts!

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