Spaulding Education Approach

Life changing results through a new breed of learning.

Spaulding Education Approach

Child Fine Art Education

The teaching approach of Spaulding School of The Arts leverages the already highly successful results of the Spaulding Method.

This method teaches through all forms of learning styles, while applying theories in a practical manner. The self guided and peer teaching approaches ensure the excitement and success of each student that enrolls, as we solve real-world problems and provide real-world impacts, all while students learn their course material.

We teach for an "Artist's Mind" and let each students' creative processes transform them into the visionaries and leaders of tomorrow. Even though we specialize in teaching arts, we also will excel in teaching applied forms of Science, Math and all other left hemisphere dominant fields. However, these fields will be learning using "balanced mind" tactics.

The Spaulding Method of learning is celebrated for teaching through approaches that adapt to the student rather than the student adapting to the teaching process. Every Spaulding Method teacher completes extensive training in the Spaulding Method and how to best facilitate the needs of the student through the customized learning approaches.  Our multiple awards speak for themselves.

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