Now is your chance

Be the heart behind the art

Now is your chance

Team work

Spaulding School of The Arts is poised for exceptional growth as we continue to positively impact the lives of youth in our region.  For a brief history of where we came from please see the following think:

We simply could not be doing what we are doing if it were not for the generous help of members like you in our community.  At Spaulding we earnestly believe that our fund-raising and planned events need to give back to the community as much as receive from our community.  It is with that in mind why our fund-raising efforts are based firmly in:
- Concerts
- Galas
- Auctions
- Performance Opportunities
- Dances
- Dinners
And so on.

If you have the time and availability to help us reach our goals, we would sincerely appreciate your assistance.  Please also check out the great events and concepts we presently are in different stages of implementing.

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