Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Spaulding

Q: How is this program different from other e-learning services?
A: It is different in many ways. First of all, we are a comprehensive education program based on the Ontario curriculum that covers all standard subjects and so much more. Then there is our unique education approach that caters to all levels and learning styles that makes differentiation the standard instead of the exception so students who need a little extra support can get it, and students who want to work ahead can do so at their own individual pace. Spaulding always aims to make learning fun and hands-on whenever possible and presents multiple ways to learn any given concept so students can choose activities to their liking to complete the required material. For example, one student may prefer to print out worksheets, one may enjoy using a game or activity to practice a concept, while another might enjoy using an educational app to work through the same concept. In addition, we give students the flexibility to learn how and when is best for them to optimize learning, depth of understanding, and information retention as well as to work around a family's busy schedule.

Q: Why do you only offer grades 4-6? Will other grades become available?
A: We have been working for months now putting together a comprehensive curriculum with a wide variety of learning opportunities for our Spaulding School of the Arts day school, which is a private school that will hopefully be opening our physical location in the Barrie, Ontario area in September 2021. So far we have our curriculum and activities for grades 4 to 6 complete so this program is using the same curriculum and many of the same activities that will be used in the school. We do technically have the base curriculum for grades 3, 7, and 8, however, we always want to have review and extension activities so until we have primary grades and high school curriculum to draw from, we don’t want to offer those grades to ensure we can fully support all of our student's needs. If we have a high demand for other grades, we may be able to add them if our curriculum director is able to build the curriculum quickly enough to be able to offer enough activities for our home learning program. If you are interested in other grades, please email us so we can focus our efforts where there is the highest demand.

Q: It is partway through the year, am I able to sign up now or do I have to wait until the next school year?
A: We welcome new students any time! Please email us and we will give you a reduced rate for however many weeks/months are remaining in the current school year.

Q: How much is tuition and are there any other fees?
A: Please contact the school to discuss tuition prices. We want to work with families as best we can to make our unique school experience affordable. There may be some basic supplies required for various projects/assignments (for example counters for math, lined or graph paper, basic art supplies like paint, glue, markers, etc.) but there are never any additional fees of any kind.

Q: What is included in the program?
A: Each week you will have access to a minimum of 3 math, 3 English, 1 science, 1 social studies, 1 writing, 1 reading, 1 art, and 1 STEM activity (as well as additional optional activities and worksheets in many cases). All activities are based on the Ontario curriculum. (STEM activities have educational purposes but may be from areas outside of the Ontario curriculum for the given grade to give a greater variety of learning opportunities.) You can then use, print, or view any of the activities you choose for your child. Every day from Monday to Friday, one of our Spaulding teachers will be available for a minimum of two 1-hour blocks of time during the day to message, voice chat, or video chat on Google Classroom or Zoom for instruction and for anyone who has questions or needs a little extra support to complete an activity.

Q: My child has special needs or is gifted. Will this program work for them?

A: Anyone is welcome to join our school, as once it is in your hands you can choose the activities that will work best for your child, however right now we don’t have any special needs teachers available to give extended 1 on 1 support. Our teacher can answer questions and offer the same level of assistance as other students would receive, but the teacher will be unable to take an extended amount of time for 1 on 1 instruction with any student to ensure everyone has a chance to get their questions answered during the live instruction time blocks. Gifted students will be able to work ahead as they so choose to work at their individual level to ensure they remain challenged. Gifted students may also be given access to the Google classroom for the grades above so they can choose the level of the concept being taught that best suits their needs. Other independent research projects will also allow them to expand their learning in subjects and topics of interest to them.

Q: I have to work from home or my schedule changes weekly so I can’t be assisting my child all day every day, will they be able to complete activities on their own during the day or at a time that I can be with them?
A: Our program is as flexible as you need it to be. You will be able to choose activities that you feel your child will be able to complete on their own and print them out and leave it for them to work on throughout the day. If your child would like to access the Zoom meeting instruction times, if they are able/allowed to use the computer without supervision and know how to access our system then they are welcome to do so if you aren’t able to be with them at those scheduled times. Some subjects, like math, most weeks will have an online/app learning option which is something they can easily access on their own. Activities can be completed any day or time, so anything they can’t do on their own can be done around your schedule.

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