Grades 1 through 9

A refreshing new approach to education for all grade levels

We are excited to get started in September 2021 and so we will be be starting the year at our current Spaulding School of The Arts location at 80 Bradford St. in Barrie. As our number of students grows our space will continue to grow as well to its own dedicated space in the Barrie area.

As we get started we are not yet able to offer transportation to or from school. However in the future transportation may be provided based upon demand.  Pickups from surrounding areas like Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford and Colingwood may be arranged for September 2022.

Gifted Education
Not only will the Spaulding School of The Arts fulfill the needs of our general populace in the areas of general education and arts education, but our Gifted education program for gifted students is sure to astound.  As a gifted child herself, Andria Andros knows the challenges of growing up gifted in the school system and has created a 100% customizable program for gifted students.  More will be written soon but if you have a gifted child, please give us a call and we will begin the journey of custom learning for your child. 

100% of everything we do is based firmly on community need.  We would love it if you took a brief survey or pre-enroll to let us know a little about you and what you would desire from our school so that we can build programs to suit your specific needs.



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