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Private School that is affordable for every family.

At Spaulding School of The Arts, we do our best to ensure that our school remains affordable for any family that would like to benefit from our life-changing teaching approaches.

Standard Tuition Rate:

The Standard Tuition Rate for Spaulding School of The Arts is only $800 a month per student. We are also offering a part time program  of 3 days a week for $500 a month per student. If you are familiar with private school pricing, you will find these rates to be very reasonable for the types of programs we produce.

If you are unfamiliar with private school systems and your pupils did dilate at the above pricing, before your heart rate increases let's add a major variable to your budgeting for your Child's Spaulding Education.

Firstly, kindly take a moment and add the expenses of the present after school arts programs your child presently participates in:
Music, Dance, Drama, Fine Art, etc... 
Also keep in mind the "parent chauffeur" time and transportation cost you must put in shuttling your child or children from place to place.
Now take this figure and subtract that value from your monthly Spaulding School of Arts cost because activities like these will now be deeply covered within your child's primary and secondary education. Not to mention the education will include trainers that are top in their field of expertise.

Now if the final price still seems a little out of reach (even though you would love to have your child join us) we can now look at the second plan.

Education Subsidies:

We all know that Arts and Art Centered Learning changes lives in very positive ways. Not only does it breed a balanced thought life and what is proven to be a more intelligent child in the end, but as you know art education also grows self confidence and many other assets that makes a person's journey thrive.

But how does it stay affordable?

Thankfully there are members in our community that are willing to contribute to a developing child's life by helping to sponsor a child and subsidize their education.

Please contact us using the form included on this page if you would like us to look into subsidies for you and your family.


Aside from the above, Spaulding School of The Arts is also committed to making arts affordable for all families by creating a unique scholarship opportunity for participating families.

Through the Spaulding Scholarship program, we sponsor 10% of our annual enrolment numbers for all students with a next to free education for those who really need our approaches and have a child that could truly excel with our programs. There is of course a financial "vetting" process for families that would like to take advantage of this program and spaces are limited.

Please help us by spreading the word about Spaulding in our community so that we can sponsor more and more children that apply to us. Together we can make it all happen and you can personally be the heart behind the art.

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