You make a difference

Because every penny counts

By giving to the Spaulding School of The Arts, you will have successfully become part of the “Heart Behind The Arts” in our community. With your permission we will publicize your name (or company name) as a thank you for contributing to our great cause.

Please keep re-visiting our website as new contributor names will continue to be added to our wall. Hopefully you will soon see everyone you know represented on our website as a show of gratitude. Also, please encourage your friends and family to join you in your successful support of our worthy cause. It is our hope that through next few months we will gather enough supporters to require a massive plaque or monument containing the names of the thousands of people in our community that contributed to make Spaulding School of The Arts an unparalleled success. This memorial will prove to be a statement for all time as you will be able to show future generations how you became the Heart Behind the Art in our community.

Thank you again for sharing the journey with us and impacting countless lives as a part of your contribution.

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