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All Spaulding Schools utilize a method of teaching that turns up-side-down what would be “normal” teaching.
Instead of creating a teaching process that is “convenient for the teacher”, the Spaudling Method deploys as an approach that is “effective for the student”. How is this?
We have learned that the best way to teach an individual is not through 'pushing' information into their mind though a series of books or dictation, but rather through continually 'solving problems' as the student goes along. This approach provides far greater long term retention, strengthens student Independence and problem solving skills as well as greatly accelerates the learning process.
Everything you learn as a student will be “applied” directly to the “problems” you are experiencing in your journey at all times.

Here is an example of how effective this learning can be:
Which scenario would cause you to learn better what an alternator does in a car?
1) You sit in a classroom where a teacher points to a diagram and explains that an alternator is a kind of motor that when spinning creates a current that charges your battery and operates all of the electronics in your car.
2) Your car breaks down and leaves you stranded on a hot day at the side of the road. An hour later (after firmly pounding your steering wheel with frustration because you missed an important meeting) the tow truck finally arrives. Upon inspecting the “problem” the driver states that “your battery is dead because more than likely your alternator is blown”.

The obvious answer would be the second. Once we learn a fact to solve a problem, we will remember that fact for years to come. Without a perceived problem, knowledge simply often becomes “in one ear and out the other”. One of the many special features of the Spaudling Method of learning problem based learning, is where we as teachers ensure retention through strategic teaching approaches, but also through student lead approaches where the student learns what the student needs in order to usher in their own success.
This keeps leaning always fun for the student (as well as teacher) and directly relevant to what the student needs to know.
In essence, Spaulding Approaches are second to none and proven to make great success in students (in any discipline) world wide. Especially, “problem students” that have trouble in traditional learning approaches, learn to excel with the Spaulding Method of teaching.


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