Our Vision

A very different approach to arts and arts training

The Spaulding School of Arts is the fastest growing arts education presence in Central Ontario and is poised to take over the world.
First beginning as a teaching method for music, the Spaulding Method empowers teachers to teach their art-form in ways that 100% customizes to the learning style and specific desires of each student.  There are  no traditional exams, not rigid structures and no boredom anywhere along the way as the student empowers their own learning process.
The results speak for themselves:
Over the last 20 years, the Spaulding School of Music through the Spaulding Method has equipped students in their instrument faster than any other teaching method on earth and many of these students went forward to win numerous awards, perform before national audiences through television and live stages and experience art in the passionate way it was first intended to be: Not as a method of ruthless analytical study but a means of personal expression.  [The analytical study comes after the student has already made high achievements for themselves].
The Spaulding Method is now being taught world-wide in countries across Europe as well as Canada and the United States of America.

In the year 2014 the Spaulding Method moved far beyond the realms of music and diversified across all areas of arts from performing arts to fine arts.  You will notice by our roster of schools that through the Spaulding School of Arts you can truly be successfully educated in just about every art form.  

Why is this important?

We feel that if an individual can be empowered to express their creativity through one form of art, why should they not be able to diversify and express themselves across every area of art?  Be an artist that can cut a CD, shoot your own photography and handle your own live performance needs.

With this unifying approach, not only do students experience arts to a level of fullness that has rarely ever been seen, but each form or art perfectly collaborates to make synergistic blend of success in “the real world” rather than just practice.  For example:
At times the Spaulding School of Arts may put on a major production.  In this production there will be a band pit brought to us by the Spaulding School of Music, Video and Audio Production by the Spaulding School of Production, Drama by the Spaulding School of Drama, Catering by the Spaulding School of Cuisine, Stage Design by the Spaulding School of Design and Backdrops by the Spaulding School of Fine Arts.  You getting the picture?  

Through the Spaulding School of Arts we offer real world experience while empowering each student to specify their own journey of success.  

Where else can you find such a revolutionary approach to arts.  Not only in the collaboration of synergistic parts but also in the proven teaching process now being taught internationally known as the Spaulding Method.

Join us as we now spread across the world like wild-fire!


Making world history right now!

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