Our Mission and Vision

Embracing the arts while empowering hearts

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

To positively impact lives by empowering youth to achieve what they could not readily achieve through any other means. We will teach students how to leverage their minds to the best of their ability while gaining real-world experience through solving real-world problems.

We will teach each student confidence through arts and performance. This artistic expression will be leveraged in the future by each student as we equip them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Student leadership will naturally occur as they learn how to transform their skills to larger arts performances or even board room negotiations in their future careers.

Though our transformative approach we will also instill an environment of integrity, respect and character in each student so that they will naturally inspire others to achieve the same success.

Spaulding School of The Arts will not only specialize in teaching arts and arts practices but also all forms of education including math and science from an 'artistic perspective'.

Through doing so we will take what would be normally C and D students and skillfully transform them into A and B students in their respective fields of interest.

Our Vision

Once stemmed from acquiring Central Highschool in Downtown Barrie, the Spaulding School of The Arts Vision has substantially grown.  Not only will the new school movement fulfill the needs of students of primary and secondary school, but our slated new long-term facilities will rival any world-class performance space in the world.  Much of these plans are still under development but we thank you for being an early adopter of what will soon be the premiere education and performance space across a massive geographic region.  How massive? That depends on you, our community and how quickly we move to our well planned result.

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