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Self Guided Learning

Self Directed Learning

We all are born with a desire to learn.  Spend a day with any 6 to 8 year old child and you will hear boundless questions regarding why the sky is blue, what makes clouds move, how do planes fly, why do people get sad at funerals and so on. 
Somewhere in our development many of us learn to associate learning more with memorization tables, tests, stress and push-form educational processes where we are told what to think and learn on a regular basis.  In essence, learning no longer becomes fun and we unfortunately and enviably try to avoid the process.  Learning becomes un-cool in many ways and by the time we reach adolescence, the cool factor migrates more to how much we can get away with not doing rather than how much do we want to do.  Ask any middle school child what they are up do and you will often hear a canned response “nothing”.

Spaulding is working hard to reverse this learning trend.  There is a highly celebrated and rewarding process that is known well in home-school environments called un-schooling.  This approach leverages the student’s natural curious demeanor to lead the student through their own self-guided learning process. The teacher facilitates directing each student in the direction of learning, then leave the student to take of the rest.
With this approach, self-motivation remains high and students experience a level of control and ownership of their own learning process that is second to none. 

Spaulding School of The Arts has specialized in leading education from this point of view for more than 20+ years.  We are now designing ways of leveraging these proven strategies in the private school environment.  Through this we will be directly reaching many students that struggle in the traditional educational system. 
Not all parents can afford to home-school their children and in large-part this is where Spaulding can successfully enter your life:
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