Consumer Choice Award

Consumer Choice Award

Consumer Choice Awards

Now four years in a row we have won this prestigious award! Thank you so much Central Ontario for continuing to vote us the best school in the region!

This achievement has now spurred me on to formalize a service that I have been performing with a select number of entrepreneurs in our region. If you are an entrepreneur or business developer that would like to learn how I did it, and continue to do it; I will now avail myself to a broader audience (as in you) in order to help you along in your personal and corporate achievements.  Just give me a call or email and I will interview you and check my availability so that we can possibly further succeed together!

Thank you again Central Ontario for voting us best Music School in the region.  In this day of YouTube learning, you have directly proven by droves that there is far more that can be gained from interactive education than observational instruction.  If you have not had a chance to experience why we keep winning awards first hand, give us a call!

Thank you again! 

Truly yours:
Damian Spaulding

About Consumer Choice Awards:
Consumer Choice awards prides themselves in being the most trusted and reputable award vendor in Canada. Unlike many other award types, Consumer Choice Awards ranks their winners through employing third party services to the pole community in order to get direct feedback from direct customers and obtain reviews. From there they rank the top in each field across Canada.  Consumer Choice awards is not based upon advertising expenditures, political popularity or anything of that sort.  They select business that have been voted 100% by you as the top in the region.

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