Our Philosophy
Learning that centers around the student and not the teacher

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple:
Start with the desire of the student and have them outline their own path, then leveraging our expertise, design a customized plan that will surpass the success rate of any teaching approach out there for that student.
It is that simple and yet it is that hard.  Many have tried before us but the Spaulding Method truly dares to go where no teaching method has gone before and delivers exactly the statement mentioned above.  
Best of all we do this not only in one art discipline, but all art disciplines.

Each of our teachers are hand picked and individually trained in the Spaulding Method of learning in order to maintain our high standard of excellence and success.

For more information on our philosophies for each teaching discipline, please visit the website that best suits your specific interests.

Through the Spaulding School of Arts, anything is made possible and the sky does not even start to describe where the limit may be. Contact Us

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